i’m a momma to three amazing kiddos. i work full time, and am usually exhausted. i run. not as often as i’d like, but more often than i used to. i overthink, overshare, overanalyze, overXYZ. i’m not quite an introvert, not quite an extrovert. that’s a thing, i swear.

ask me what time it is and i’ll tell you how to make a watch.

i think of myself as a writer. it’s what i studied in college, and is the platform from which my career has been built. but i don’t do it often. i don’t even necessarily do it as well as i used to. lack of use has rusted my talent. so here, i’ll write. it may not always be logical, sane or complete. but it will be words on paper, and that’s more than i’ve done in years.

some posts will be current — things i’ve written same day. some will be bits and pieces i’ve collected from my kids’ journals, the book of my mom and the like. i’ll date the old ones as best i can.

ok. let’s ramble.